Fall 2015 Issue


Cottage Life West will help you enjoy life at the cabin even more with fun and informative articles on everything from how-to projects to inspirational design ideas.

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What's Inside Fall 2015


  • The Savvy How-to-Build-a-Cabin Compendium

    Where to start? What are the options? Build your dream retreat with our start-from-scratch guide.

  • Little Cabin on the Prairie

    This Edmonton engineer unplugged from a 26-year marriage to connect with her pioneer roots.

  • Stair Master

    It’s a long way down to the water. How to build stairs over any terrain, even a steep slope.

  • Special Section: Cabin Plans

    From small to large, spartan to luxury, here are 18 inspiring designs. Your choice!


  • TrueWest

    Get to Know Ghost Lake, Alta.; the new Elizabeth Hay novel; an Okanagan log castle; animal myths debunked; Western wildfires; orca baby boom; microbeads may be banned; heat-saving tricks; a bacon substitute from the sea.

  • Cottage Workshop

    How to prevent water damage; small- engine winterizing tips; an unusual mailbox invention; low-e glass primer; a product that breaks boulders; the eco way to drain a hot tub; build a sound barrier.

  • Cottage Feast

    Garlic: how to buy it, plus lamb, pasta, and salsa verde recipes; bake a pie like a winner; tasty grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts; mix ’n’ match cocktails; hobo potatoes; use up leftover buttermilk.

  • Cottage Q&A

    Salamanders are disappearing; stop seagulls; winter room divider; buy out a relative; underwater septic tank.

  • Editors Note

    Circle of Fire: Wildfire season in Western Canada.

  • Letters

    Mail from our readers.

  • In Like Zim

    Kerosene lamps, mosquito coils, and mothballs: smells like cottage spirit.

  • Cabin Pressure

    From a rickety sun deck to a stylish screened porch.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Tree of Life: In a pinch, you can take shelter under a lodgepole pine, and eat it too.

  • Weekender

    Photos from our readers.

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