August 2003 Issue


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What's Inside August 2003


  • The Missing Link

    When you can’t get there from here, it may be time to build a bridge.

  • Saturday Night at the Molou

    Haliburton's big-screen theatre has been entertaining cottagers for more than 60 years. Oh yeah, and it plays movies too.

  • The Iconic Conifer

    A celebration of the white pine, from its roots up, and up, and up.

  • Winnipeg Beaches

    How three towns became linked by a railway, a storm-tossed lake, and cottagers’ memories of the good ol' days.

  • Flower Bower

    Chip away at this log-turned-planter. It's a natural for cottage carvers.

  • Striking Distance

    If lightning comes too close to the cottage, don’t get frazzled, get grounded.

  • Sweet on Berries

    Easy recipes for every occasion using summer's juiciest fruit.

  • The Natural Garden: Part 3

    The Wild Bunch – Got a pine patch or septic bed? These native species can tough out the most troublesome planting challenges.


  • On the Waterfront

    Island treasure hunt; Mars-gazing =; lifesaver for tots; BBQ butterfly chicken; turtle trauma clinic; the classic dirty fly swatter

  • Puttering

    Repairing punished paddles; the Jackall gets you pumped up; take a circular saw blade for a spin; the cordless drill/driver; a flapper-free toilet; mooring whips; TV tower dock

  • Cottage Q&A

    Beetle mania kills hemlock; nailing down penny measure; homeless bees; rise and fall of the Trent-Severn Waterway; gift cottages can be taxing.

  • Cottage Coup

    Making camp at the cabin: From canvas walls to creature comforts - a voyageur is swept into cottage life.

  • Cottage Finds

    Fir for a queen: Henrietta's gives baking, and cottagers, the royal treatment.

  • Cottage Design

    The skinny on outdoor bathing: Getting into a lather never felt so good.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    White magic: The pallid Indian pipe uses trickery to survive without sun.

  • Weekender

    The flavour of the month.

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