August 2005 Issue


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What's Inside August 2005


  • Special Issue

    Celebrating 100 Years of Cottaging.

  • Founders Keepers

    You think you’ve been cottaging a long time? These families have a century of staying put.

  • Everything New Is Old Again

    A cottager’s passion for all things Adirondack lends his lodge instant heritage.

  • Neverending Stories

    Our call for favourite cottage tales took our readers down memory lane.

  • Last Resorts

    What happened to the grand old hotels that turned tourists into cottagers?

  • 100 Years Of Cott-itching

    There’s always been a buzz around avoiding the mosquito and soothing her sting.

  • The Tree that Build Cottage Country

    How the white pine laid the foundations of life at the lake.

  • No Rest for the Wicker

    More valuable than you’d think, antique cottage furniture is worth some TLC.

  • A Day at the Races

    Cottage regattas are as much about fun as they are about tradition.

  • History in the Making

    Every lake association has a past. Here’s how to publish yours.

  • Nouvelle Cuisine

    A Toronto chef gives his cottage kitchen a gourmet makeover.

  • Old King Cole

    Whether backyard brazier or high-end smoker, the charcoal grill is hot again.

  • Flavour of the Moment

    Today a rub, tomorrow a marinade – with a few simple switches, it’s easy to change the taste of grilled food.


  • On the Waterfront

    Anishnabe guide Tom Saville; FOCA's DockTalk program; memories quilted with wood; celebrate National S'mores Day; Webers' key man; web poll results; mystery trilogy; church key bottle opener

  • Puttering

    How to put in a post; Wheelbarrow on steroids; Hardwood chunks fire = charcoal; Turn a log into a side table; Cleaning between deck boards; Log skidder; hand washer

  • Cottage Q&A

    Is Jack Bass nipping your toes?; rights of way of the road; free your foot from your wakeboard; blastomycosis in dogs; cottage pump on the fritz.

  • Cottage Finds

    Auld lang design: Vintage style meets cutting-edge technology in your cottage kitchen.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Swim champ: Lithe and playful, the otter steals the lake show.

  • Weekender

    The coffee brake.

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