June 2005 Issue


Cottage Life will help you enjoy life at the lake even more with fun and informative articles on everything from how-to projects to inspirational design ideas.

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What's Inside June 2005


  • All Plans On Deck

    Innovative ideas for your all-important outdoor space.

  • A Day For Reveille

    This century cottage may see another hundred years if its owners have their way.

  • Out Of The Mainstream

    Who needs a lake? These cottagers would rather be rolling down their river.

  • Dippy Love

    They’re very slow and rather stately, and fans of the disappearing propellor boat wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Two Takes On Taking On The Cottage:

  • Going with the Flo

  • The Putterer's Apprentice

  • A Shore Thing

    Any shape, any budget, and almost anywhere –- everything you need to know for a first-class floating dock.

  • Herb Appeal

    Fresh-picked greens from the garden, or the grocer, add zest to your cottage cuisine.

  • Cottage Q&A: Arboreal Rx

    From beaver bites to boring beetles, our experts diagnose what ails your cottage trees.


  • On the Waterfront

    A preacher unwedded to tradition; easy-docking pole; summer pies; Things... a new game; you can't beat this egg beater; Muskoka Girl's success; rattlesnake crossing; a fishy art project

  • Puttering

    Best bets for cleaning the deck; Deck screw setters you want; How to avoid getting hammered; Building bucket cubby holes; The latest on pressure-treated lumber; An old boat makes a new shed

  • Humour

    Give us an inch, we'll take a kilometre; What's up with our muddled measurement system?

  • Cottage Watch

    Remains of the day: If you stumble across an ancient artifact at your cottage, it isn't finders keepers.

  • Cottage Finds

    Non-breaking news: The latest in durable dishware is fit for a cottage table.

  • Cottage Gear

    Camera ready: Is this the summer you finally go digital? Here are the options.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Wait for the witching hour to glimpse the magical luna moth.

  • Weekender

    Hillbillies: 1 Visitors: 0

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