May 2003 Issue


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What's Inside May 2003


  • The Family Crest

    For generations, the hearts of these Baie Fine cottagers have been tied to a mountain called Casson Peak.

  • The War on Bugs

    Now that the feds are cracking down on DEET, what will we do for a fix? Plus: West Nile update.

  • A Good Vintage

    What’s old is new again in cottage kitchens.

  • Where the Bouys Are

    Learn a thing or two from the guys who maintain cottage country’s aids to navigation.

  • Opening-Up Weekend (The Game)

    And you thought jobs like priming the pump and patching the roof were all work and no play.

  • Sizzling with Success

    From dockside munchies to perfect potluck, presenting the winners of our 9th Annual Recipe Contest.

  • The Natural Garden: Part 1

    Native Intelligence: At the cottage, why grow exotic plants that are as fussy as high-maintenance guests when you could have a garden of resilient locals?


  • Puttering

    Venting the bunkie’s a breeze; the awesome angle grinder; drill bits that won’t quit; the poop on composting; getting a grip on a headless nail

  • On the Waterfront

    Friendly photo annual; an online view of Big Hawk Lake; update on rattler bites and treatment; birds bugged by West Nile; Bolton gives beavers the boot; the classic, obtrusive lifejacket

  • Cottage Watch

    As some cottagers were chilled to discover this winter, oil tanks must now be registered and inspected before fuel supplies can top them up.

  • Cottage Coup

    The war of the hoses: A his-and-hers account of putting in the pump.

  • Cottage Q&A

    Why horseflies attack; galvanized steel spikes for doc repair; crossing a watery property line; building a birdhouse with aluminum; a shingle-burning faux pas.

  • Finance

    Take a tax break: You can make the cottage your principal resident without living there full time.

  • Cottage Gear

    Set your sights on a pair of binoculars that's just right for your cottage needs.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Sex and the slithery: In spring, groups of garter snakes are hot to trot.

  • Weekender

    A chop off the old block.

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