October 2003 Issue


Cottage Life will help you enjoy life at the lake even more with fun and informative articles on everything from how-to projects to inspirational design ideas.

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What's Inside October 2003


  • Some Like It Hot

    Fireplaces are the hearth and soul of the cottage.

  • Timber Frame Time Capsule

    This new cottage is 150 years old.

  • The Cottage Moon

    Moonlit: A reflection from Earth.

  • The Illuminated Cottager

    Lunar facts and fancies about our big old mystical buddy, the moon.

  • The Burden of Roof

    Time and weather conspire to corrupt your shingles and shakes.

  • Bar None

    Easy scrumptious squares to satisfy cottage snackers and sweet tooths.

  • The Natural Garden: Part 4

    Going to Seed – You've come full cycle as a native-species gardener when you grow your own wildflowers from scratch.


  • On the Waterfront

    Scots (or not) costume party; camera nabs cottage crooks; signs welcome guests; waterspouts; the classic tablecloth; BBQ blows its lid

  • Puttering

    Installing a freeze-proof faucet; the block plane takes off that edge; a trowel for every concrete job; the pneumatic nail gun; making a do-it-yourself saw jig; wood carrier; leaf lifter

  • Solutions

    Any way you slice it: A portable sawmill can turn felled trees into a lumber jackpot. How to get the most out of your laid-to-rest logs.

  • Cottage Q&A

    Mystery mouse identified; refilling cottage fire extinguishers; living with snakes at the lake; closing up the porch.

  • Cottage Finds

    Treasure trove: Cozy chic is the prize at cottage country's Peaks & Rafters.

  • Politics

    Fixing the election: This fall we'll have a say in how things should be run at the lake. If we can only get cottagers to the polls.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Workers unite! Yellow jackets labour in late summer to bring home the burgers.

  • Weekender

    All over the map.

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