October 2021 Issue


Cottage Life will help you enjoy life at the lake even more with fun and informative articles on everything from how-to projects to inspirational design ideas.

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What's Inside October 2021


  • A Deeper, Longer Breath

    Our cabin in the Laurentians offered a welcome escape from the early days of the pandemic—and then we never left.

  • A Swing and Some Bliss

    Cool project alert! This brilliant hammock stand will solve all of your swing time woes. All it takes is a single sheet of plywood.

  • Up in Smoke

    Your chimney is one of the hardest working structures at your cottage. Are you maintaining it the way you need to?

  • Red Sky at Night? Could be Right

    Cottagers love telling tales about everything from weather to food. Find out which of these “wives’ tales” have some merit and which are bunk.

  • New Life for Leftovers

    You can save the environment and empty out your fridge by making these savoury pie recipes (complete with homemade flaky crust).


  • Waterfront

    Lake association combats dangerous boating; holiday food lake names; A decorative use for old CL issues; Reporter; geese do what on one leg?; A lighter that won’t burn your fingers; Rondeau leases update; overheard at the cottage; Buy the Way: cottage vs. trailer

  • Workshop

    The latest on lumber prices; how to salvage old wood; get yourself a rotary tool; green wood; mill your own trees; protect your woodlot from LDD moths; deer effigy project

  • Cottage Q&A

    Cigarette butts and forest fire risk; a two-mouthed bass mystery; LDD caterpillar allergy; how to rehab a tinny

  • Zim Weighs In

    You married a diehard cottager, but you can’t muster the same enthusiasm—what now?

  • Style Ideas

    Modern windows are more energy efficient and can save you money in the long run. Time to look at rather than through yours.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Lacquered polypore may break down heartwood of living trees, but this mighty fungus is a force of good that helps support all forest life.

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