Spring 2015 Issue


Cottage Life will help you enjoy life at the lake even more with fun and informative articles on everything from how-to projects to inspirational design ideas.

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What's Inside Spring 2015


  • Real Estate 2015: What’s the Deal?

    This year’s market has some surprising trends. Here’s how to get a bargain by making them work for you.

  • This Cottage Is Super Cool

    The reimagined log cabin is a bit rustic, a bit modern, and a whole lot of spectacular.

  • Whacked Out

    Are the Brojects brothers the most genius cottage putterers ever?

  • The Lake that Wouldn’t Be

    It was there, then it disappeared. Still, the cottagers on Round Lake, Sask., love it even when it’s gone.

  • Picnics Are for Kids

    The little ones will love this fun-filled foldable picnic table—and you’ll love building it.


  • Waterfront

    Everyone loves landfills; creepy-crawly trivia; a surprising discovery; jelly lake threat; search-engine board game; caption contest winner; Reporter; 2015 stargazing highlights; Doctor Who is on the deck

  • Cottage Feast

    New ways to do coleslaw; Buffalo wing, Thai, and Carolina red slaw recipes; jazz up your burgers; steak grilling tips; pickle juice cocktails; spicy chili bean bake; choice jerk seasonings

  • Cottage Workshop

    Real Tool: Sump-pump maintenance; Materials: Real wood wall strips; Stuff We Like: Simple drain de-clogger; Solution: How to mark the centre of any board; Great Invention: Wine cork dartboard; Know-How: Small engine fuel system fixes; Real Tool: Use wire strippers to cut bolts or screws

  • Cottage Q&A

    Tornado safety; mothball smell; buying “as is”; plants to stabilize a shoreline; do chipmunks really eat mice?

  • Cottage Watch

    The insecticides that hurt bees are coming to the lake.

  • In Like Zim

    Has Zim invented a less-painful version of the to-do list?

  • Cabin Pressure

    Ready, set, reno! The designer duo take on another fixer-upper, and start by making room for guests.

  • Nature Scrapbook

    Trembling aspen trees flower early and feed the forest all year long.

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